Vegan Winter Boots

One of the biggest questions I used to get asked when I was blogging before, is where can I find functional winter vegan boots, that don’t look tacky or like snow boots. Living in California, I never had a need for such shoes, but I recently lived in Illinois for a year and to be quite honest, I wore my snow boots to work and changed when I got to work on days when it was either snowing or icy. The few times I wore my “regular” boots, my feet froze. It seems as if, even two years later, things have not changed. It is still very difficult to find a pair of even semi-fashionable vegan winter boots. I am making it my mission this week to find great boots that are fashionable, or at least not hideous.

The first pair of boots I found today are actually snow boots, or snowboarding boots rather. I love these DC Women’s 2011 Phase boots. They are cute enough to make me want to take up snowboarding.

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