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Where Do Non-Vegan Soaps Come From? Eww….

Non-vegan soap is made from cow carcass fat!

Well, pig, horse, and sheep fat too.  No, not the “cute little lamb at the petting zoo” sheep — The “stiff, old, rotten, stinking, dirty, rigamortis, dead-for-days” sheep. Gross, right?

How non-vegan soap is made…

 For any cleansing product to be considered a soap, it must have a fat source. Guess where non-vegan soaps get their fat from?  Yup, the lard from animal carcasses.  They take the hard fat from around the kidney, render it, let it cure, then Shazam! You now have (cow carcass) soap. Gross!


I prefer vegan soaps

They usually contain coconut oil or palm oil, as opposed to carcass oil.  Vegan soaps also have amazing healing, moisturizing, and nourishing properties.  They gently clean the skin and safely balance moisture levels.

Try iVi Scents Citrus Soap


Breathe, iVi Scents soaps are vegan!

iSmell Soaps contain coconut oil, safflower seed oil, and castor oil.  

Sure, a couple of soybeans are harmed in the process, but trust me, they don’t mind.   

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