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I love wearing simple shoes during the week and maybe the fancy ones on the weekend. ūüėČ I say that because I am always looking for easy shoes to just throw on to go get the mail, grocery shopping or like today, the vet. So its either flip flops or sneakers. I want shoes that just slip on so I can get up and go. It makes perfect sense that you can find simple shoes made by Simple.

This shoe company is out of Santa Barbara and has been making shoes for about 20 years. These shoes are made out of recycled products so they are super vegan friendly. I found the cutest sneakers at Mooshoes  by Simple. You can just slip them on (no tying strings needed)!

Although these shoes are so simple, cute and recycled, Simple has decided to take a hiatus from shoe making. I believe they want to do things they have not been able to do since making shoes for everyone. Personally, I find this inspiring. I hope they find amazing adventures and make a great find we can all enjoy one day. Since Simple is taking a break, we as consumers get to reap the benefit! Simple shoes are on sale just about everywhere. I found the ones I really like at Mooshoes but  you can also find them at Zappos and Amazon (I found the most at Amazon). I hope you take advantage of these amazing sales and grab a pair of Simple shoes before they are all gone.

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