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 Art of Beauty was so kind to send me two of the newest collections of nail polish by Zoya, BEACH and SURF!  I could hardly wait, knowing they were in the mail.  Art of Beauty has created toxin free and natural products for everyone to try, not just beauty salons.  Zoya nail polish is Vegan friendly and “does a nail good!”

BEACH and SURF collection by Zoya!


 The four most prominent toxins that Zoya takes out of their polish is toluene (used in gasoline); camphor (can be used as an embalming fluid), formaldehyde (preservative in mortuaries), and DBP (can cause birth defects).  Are you glad you know now?

Now for the fun stuff!  I could come up with a ton of reasons to get friends to come over for Mimosas on a Saturday…

 This time I told them, Mani’s & Pedi’s…and a couple of  Mimosas.

Pretty in Pink with “Shelby.” BEACH collection


  I am impressed by the collections Zoya has come up with and the variety that I have to choose from.   I am excited I have  found a nail polish line that I can trust to keep as many toxins out of products as possible!

Don’t be afraid to try new tricks with your nail polish. I had a great time experimenting with all the colors.


 Bright, bold, and playful colors are extremely trending this season.  If you are the type that ends up getting the same color at the nail salon, get frisky and try something new.  If you like pink maybe try a brighter pink that pops against any outfit.


 I enjoy doing my own nails and find the process relaxing.  Over the years, I have found that my toe nail polish would always stay on and would never chip off.  It was not the same story with the polish that I would apply on my nails.  Every time I would wear nail polish on my natural nail it would chip off the same day.  Finally, I decided it was not worth the trouble to paint my nails every day and then I found Zoya!  I can wear Zoya nail polish on my natural nail for about 7 days before I even see a tiny chip.

Tracie (BEACH) and Meg (SURF) make for a new type of French Manicure!


I did try a traditional, clear top coat to see if I would get added shine and longer lasting polish.  The clear top coat ended up making my manicure worse.  The first day the polish chipped.  I was extremely surprised since top coats generally help the the polish to not chip.  When I only used Zoya nail polish, I found that even the MATTE palette in the BEACH collection still had its own shine to it.  I felt I did not need a top coat. Zoya does make a series of top coats for anyone to try. Zoya has taken additional steps to ensure your color will stay on and shine by creating the Color Lock System.   Click here to try the mini Color Lock System and see if you like it.

Try Myrta from the SURF collection


Add Zuza (SURF) and you are on your way to becoming a Dolphin’s Fan!


I had a fantastic time with friends.  I am thankful I had the opportunity to share Zoya with them.  Some of them are already asking when the next Mani/Pedi Party is!

They all enjoyed getting creative with Zoya polish and I am thankful they entrusted their feet and hands with me. 🙂


Fun facts about Zoya:

 Zoya’s husband Michael, a chemist, patented the first working fast drying topcoat and the longest wearing, toxin free natural nail polish.

You can order Zoya Color Spoons to make sure any Zoya color is the perfect match for you.  It is basically free.  Click here to learn more.

Zoya always has bi-monthly promotions.

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