49 Vegan Pairs of High Heel Shoes in 1!

I fell in love with a pair of High Cherry Wedge RTW from Mohop Shoes. I found them on her etsy site!

Cherry High Heel Shoe

Their high wedge sandals are around 4″ (10.2cm) tall, and with their 1.25″ (3.2cm) platform, ergonomically carved footbed and shock-absorbing sole, these sandals are incredibly comfortable for their height.

The sole is composed of sustainably-sourced Polish Alder that is dyed a gorgeous cherry color. This sandal features durable black rubber soling with recycled content and a padded footbed with our original abstract motif hand screenprinted in gold on deep brown faux suede.

Each pair of sandals comes with seven sets of ribbons. That’s 7 pairs in one! And we’ll send illustrated cards showing 7 different ways to style your sandals – so right there; you have 49 pairs of shoes in one! Shoe heaven!!!

You can go to her etsy site and figure out your perfect shoe size as well!

ANNIE MOHAUPT is the founder of Mohop.

Annie grew up on a small sheep farm about 100 miles west of Chicago. Her degree is in architecture, and she worked in the field for close to 7 years. Annie started making sandals in 2005 as an experiment to see if she could indeed make sandals. It was more work than she expected. Her shoes that she makes are Vegan friendly.

SIAMAK MOSTOUFI is our muscle and money man.

Siamak is Annie’s husband and was born in Ahwaz, Iran. Siamak grew up in a small town outside of Springfield, Illinois where he enjoyed taking things apart, drawing and cycling.
Siamak is a licensed architect, and in addition to working full time at DMAC Architecture, Siamak works on admin work for the shoe business, studio maintenance, and helps carry heavy stuff.

To learn more about our company and products, please visit www.mohop.com

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