Vegan friendly – Large Messenger Bag

Messenger bags come a dime a dozen these days.  Although, sometimes it can be a challenge to find a Vegan friendly messenger bag that I love.  Well, I found the perfect answer for men and women.

Lindsay Lawrence, the founder of Metamorphic Gear takes the ordinary concept of the Messenger Bag and created something new and unique.

Founder of Metamorphic Gear – Lindsay Lawrence

This bag is upcycled from the Sails of boats.  If Metamorphic Gear did not use these sails, they would all sit in a landfill.  Lindsay expressed to me, ” I wanted a trendy messenger bag that would work for office and walking around the city! We call it eco-stealth.”

Metamorphic Gear has been so kind to our readers by giving them a 20% discount on any bagwhen entering the code VFB at check out!

Thanks Metamorphic Gear!

Black & Ivory Messenger Bag

The Ivory & Black bag is the one I have. The bag is certainly a favorite and used by myself and “the guy!”

The back of the Black & Ivory Messenger bag!

The black shoulder straps are  made with upcycled seat-belt’s and the entire bag is water proof!  Each bag has character since it is made from sails that were once used on the ocean.  I personally like that, I know I have a one of a kind bag!

Inside of the first flap – love the unique character of MY bag!

There are many places to put items in the bag, including the top flap that has a magnet coin so to make sure the items in that side pocket stay put!

Made right here in the USA!

The bag can hold a 15″ laptop easily as well as a battery.

Don’t forget to check  out this contest, “Seamless in Seattle”  If you click on Lindsay Lawrence, you will find he is one of the 13 finalists the in the competition.  On July 28th the final results will be calculated! “We hope you win Lindsay!” – VFB

Giving Back!

If you purchase a Metamorphic Gear Messenger Bag, 5% of the sale is allocated to helping to clean up oceans.

The Midway Project

YouTube Preview Image

Lindsay is adamant on keeping his customers informed on where this 5% goes and will always keep us updated!

I know the below picture is not pretty to look at, but this is what a bird can ingest at any given time because of human action. 🙁

Photo of one of the birds on Midway Island 🙁 By: Chris Jordan

“Everything old can be new again. We are always on the lookout for materials we can give a new lease of life to by upclycling them into a new product. If you have unwanted sailcloth, truck tarpaulin, seatbelts, parachutes, climbing ropes or other materials, please contact us through our Contact Us form. We’d like to chat with you. The more we can save from landfill the better!” – Metamorphic Gear

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I am a feisty Vegan who has been fashion obsessed and working in retail for the past 15 years. I love everything surrounding a healthy Vegan lifestyle including holistic health, working out, juicing and eco-beauty.

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