Dallas, Texas – A Vegan Friendly City to add to your travels!

Drink - Orange - spot

Many of my friends tell me that Dallas, TX is a great place to be if you are Vegan. As a matter of fact, Dallas was recently listed by Vegnews as one of the “5Vegan-Friendly Towns on our Radar“.  So, when I had the chance to go back to my hometown I jumped at the opportunity. During my trip I found outstanding Vegan-friendly restaurants, a stunning Vegan Cafe, eye catching vegan shoes and fun in the sun with Dominique Jones!

Ordering amazing vegan entrees in a non-vegan restaurant is a skill that I possess. Just ask a few questions and throw on the charm and you can have an amazing Vegan dish prepared just for you! I did just that when I was feeling a Vegan Roll craving coming on recently. I went straight to one of my favorite restaurants, Fuji Yama. My taste buds were blown away by the fresh, spicy roll that followed. It is now called “Kami’s Roll!”

Vegan Roll at Fuji Yama - Dallas, TX

Kami’s Roll:

Mango, greens, micro-greens, daikon, avocado, carrot and on the side just enough Sriracha for each roll. When you dip the roll in ponzu sauce,  you have found Heaven!

 My next adventure was V-Spot Cafe near Downtown Dallas. The Knox/Henderson area is always buzzing with vintage shops, antique stores and a great night life. Landing at V-Spot Cafe was the start to a perfect evening. V-Spot Cafe is owned and operated by Delia Pisarro, also known as Dee. This is Dee’s second Vegan restaurant in the Dallas area, Bliss Raw Cafe being her first.  V-Spot Cafe is “kicking butt and taking names” in Dallas, TX!

 The chic atmosphere, amazing food, healthy drinks and friendly people are what make V-Spot Cafe one of the hot, up & coming Vegan restaurants in Dallas.

Purple Reigns Smoothie - blueberry, strawberry, raspberry,goji berry & apple juice

Dee was so kind to let me do a fashion shoot at V-Spot Cafe on a Friday night! This cafe was perfect for the photo shoot and I can’t wait to share those pics with you!

Here is a teaser photo: (soon to come, more photos and an article…)

Me at V-Spot Cafe having a blast at the fashion photo shoot!

 Photo: Picture Perfect Dallas /Make-Up and Hair: Kismat Kreations by Shally

Before heading back to Houston I stopped by a pool party hosted by Dominique Jones, Guard for the Dallas Mavericks!  I had such a great time with my sister and close friends and I was able to catch a few photos with hometown celebs, including Dominique, who, by the way, throws a great pool party.

Dominique and I (Love his fun, pool party outfit!)

I could not help but check out all of the pool party fashion that surrounded me. I caught a snapshot of a group of girls with shoes that I loved. I finally asked and they all said that they bought them at DSW! Upon closer look I found out that they were all animal cruelty free!

It seems that the rubber flip flops are definitely going to be on the spring/summer scene.

I made the most out of a beautiful weekend in Dallas and I am excited to visit again soon.

In the meantime look out for my next article featuring V-Spot Cafe’s menu, decor and my fab fashion shoot!

 -Kami xx

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