Vegan Fashion Trends 2011

Okay, so there is good news and bad news about projected fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2011. I have scoured several fashion sites and blogs and I think it is official, the 70’s are making a coming. I’m not sure how I feel about that, because the idea of a polyester suit against my skin is not exactly appealing. But there are many things to like about the current trends, like the Boheme look, which I think many of us vegans are pretty good at and the best part is we can feed our inner hippies and still be fashionable. So break out the long flowing skirts and chunky turquois jewelry. White is the color of the season (of course it is almost always the color of summer). Also hot, bold bright colors (think orange, bright green, and bright purples). So clothing will be fun.

My only concern about the upsurge of 70’s fashion is the amount of leather we will probably being seeing this spring. I have already seen many sites talking about leather pants and outfits. Luckily vegan designers are on the pulse of fashion these days and will make plenty of beautiful, trendy clothing.

I love this beautiful sequined, white cotton skirt. It incorporates two fashion rules for spring, Boheme and white. Love it. It looks like it belongs on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Another trend I’m not too excited about, is the return of the clog. Those are about the ugliest imaginable shoes ever. If I had to go with a clog style shoe, this Unlisted East Side clog style sandals might be acceptable. Let me know your opinion, yeah or nah. The studded detailing has the look of a clog, but these shoes are way more stylish.

Check back for more vegan fashion trends for 2011.

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