Vegan Fashion Image Consultant – Ginger Burr!

I really love learning about Vegan Fashion; what it is, how great it looks and who some of the experts are in the Vegan fashion world. Today I was looking on YouTube to post a new video on Vegan Hair Care products and instead I came across a woman by the name of  Ginger Burr. Ginger is a Vegan and an Image Consultant who seems to love and know about what Vegan fashion really is. I want to share Ginger with you! Her website is and she has great information on Vegan Fashion.  Although it may seem like a clear answer to most Vegans what Vegan fashion is, that may not always be the case.

Some fabrics to avoid if you are looking for Vegan friendly fashion are:  wool, silk, suede, and leather 

Want to learn more or have your own personal Image Consultant?

Find out more about how Ginger Burr, Boston’s vegan fashion stylist can help.

Ginger Burr

I urge you to check out her website and all the tips and tricks she has found herself.  I have also included a video under “Featured Vegan Video” to the right of the page of Ginger talking about how most of us already have Vegan clothing in our closets and you might be surprised how readily available it is….in your own closet! 🙂

PS – I hope I get to meet her one day! 🙂

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