Vegan Fashion Finds – Skirt Four Ways!

Style does not mean having the most expensive clothes, or even having the largest amount of clothes. Style is knowing how to work with what you have.  Style is thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to get the most out of your clothes. To start with you need some basic items like simple tops, skirts, and pants.

A key staple for me is a tube skirt. The one I’m using is a basic cotton and spandex skirt. I have it in multiple colors because I can do so much with it.  Here are four ways I style my tube skirt:

1. The Tube Dress

Tube Dress

I like my skirt to be long enough to wear as a mini-dress if I want. Here I’ve paired it with platform ankle boots, tights and a vintage Gap acid washed jean jacket. With a longer skirt, you could go sans the tights. I wouldn’t in this length though, but that’s just me. Style is all about what works for you, so if you like something really tiny and no tights go for it!

2. The Tube Top

Tube Top

I just tucked my tube dress into jeans, threw on a motorcycle jacket and some faux shearling booties and, viola, a whole new look. There are tons of ways this style would work. For a night on the town the tube top could be paired with the jeans, a clutch, heels and tons of sparkly jewelry.

3. For Work

Tube Skirt

Believe it or not a tube skirt can work at your nine-to-five. Pull it down low on your hips so that it falls either at or below the knees. Pair it with a simple over-sized blazer, a suit shirt, and heels and you’re ready to go.  A long cardigan could work in place of a blazer and would be cute (and professional) with high heeled boots and a suit shirt. Not only will you be working, but you’ll be werkin’ it, girl!

4. The Cowl


Roll up your tube skirt and wear it around your neck like a cowl. Easy as pie! And you’re being economical since you don’t have to buy a separate cowl.

So, there you have it, one piece and I’ve gotten four different looks from it and there are still even more looks that I could do with this one piece. Now it’s your turn! Go into your closet and take one of your basic, staple pieces and try to see how many different ways you can style it then come back and leave a comment telling us all about it!

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Yroko M. is a freelance writer, lover of fashion, vegan food, DIY accessories and all things pretty and sweet. Yroko is passionate about sharing her love of the joie de vivre from a vegan perspective. On her blog, Mom. Me. Three., Yroko dishes about vegan fashion styling, and everything from the difficulties of parenting a child with a chronic illness, to her vegan culinary successes and failures.

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