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               So, recently I was thinking that it’s time to write candidly about Vegan fashion. I didn’t really know the definition of  VEGAN fashion when I first became a vegan. Honestly, I was doing so much research on how to completely change the way that I nourished my body that it hardly occurred to me that fashion was even going to be a part of the equation. I’ve always been in love with fashion and as a stylist and photographer I’ve been playing dress up with a wide array of fabrics for almost 10 years now.  I didn’t realize that making a difference for human and animal kind along with our planet and future world could be as simple as choosing eco friendly, animal cruelty-free fabrics and accessories no matter what your diet.

                           I’m not going to judge others for what they eat because my assumption is that the minute people start using scare tactics and hateful words to prove their points about the way to heal our bodies and the planet then we probably shut out a lot of people who would possibly consider a veggie or vegan centric diet and way of life. Veganism is rooted in compassion so the judgement aspect would most likely be a very hypocritical stance. I prefer the method of educating the world in what a beautiful way of life it is to be AWARE and healthy and help animals and our earth. So at least veggie lovers, vegans and meat eaters alike can ALL make better choices when it comes to what types of clothing and accessories they purchase. Basically, there is no reason to create waste, harm animals and put strain on our planet for fashion when it can be completely avoided and still look and feel as sexy and luxurious as ever.

                           I, personally, do not own a FULL vegan wardrobe and I’m not about to trash all of my older non-vegan attire right this second mainly because I live in a big, pricey city and I don’t have a plethora of disposable income. I simply want to reduce, reuse or recycle my wardrobe over the next few years while slowly integrating some of the hottest eco/vegan and sustainable fashions I can find. If enough people demand all-natural, animal cruelty-free items then I am beyond confident that the market for them will grow and grow. Consumers are verrrry powerful people. If you know what to look for it is so easy to find the perfect vegan clothing to fit your budget and your personal style. 

                         So, what is Vegan fashion??? Vegan fashion is clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories that were created without using ANY animal products or by-products and no animals were harmed in their making. Items made with Leather, Wool (Angora, Mohair,  Cashmere, Sheep) Fur, Down and Silk are the main fabrics to avoid when you are trying to shop cruelty-free. Shopping from cruelty-free sources is easier now than ever before and many designers are creating sustainable, eco-friendly lines. Below I have put together some vegan fashion brands and style ideas for you to check out. 

My Cruelty-Free Faves:

*Vaute Couture

*The Tafari

*Compassion Couture


*Kris Nations

*Djuna Shay

*Jeffrey Campbell for Convert

*Moo Shoes

*Pansy Maiden

*Love is Mighty

*Scotch Naturals

*Priti NYC

*PROOF Eyewear

*Amy Sacks Eyewear

For fashion mavens, Eco-conscious babes & kind diet lovers:

Proof Sunglasses “The Bogus” $95 

The Tafari “Jute Himalayan Semester Bag” 100% Vegan. $49.99

Love is Mighty “Jaya” Sandal. 100% Vegan and Handmade $210

GUNAS “Scarlet” Vegan Studded Wallet in Pink. $79.99

The “Lulu” Dress by For Love and Lemons. 95% Rayon / 5% Spandex. $100

Amy Sacks “Pepper Opal” Sunglasses. $85

Vaute Couture. The “Laura” Dress (Rainbow Bike Love). $160.00

Jeffrey Campbell for Convert “Rock Me” Platform. 100% Vegan. $185

Jeffrey Campbell for Convert “Vita” Platform. 100% Vegan. $155

Below is Vegan Head to Toe:

Vinyl “Melissa” Amazonas Shoes/Urban Expressions Faux Patent Leather Vegan IPad case that duals as a clutch/Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses in Black and Silver/Marc Jacobs Rubber Silver Bracelet/Butter London toxin free Polish in Black/Scuba Skater Dress in RED/Sterling Silver Octopus ring/Sterling Silver Feather Ring/Bijoux Pave Spiked bracelet/Sterling Silver Onyx Earrings.


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