Vegan Cuts – Shop Vegan. Save Money. Save Animals.

Vegan Cuts has made it very clear that you can shop for Vegan items, save money in the process and feel good that you are saving animals!

Vegan Cuts is a great site to visit on a regular basis to find awesome Vegan deals. The brilliance behind this site is Jill and John’s vision to bring you fashionable, Eco-friendly, new and exciting Vegan products at a discounted price!  When you shop with Vegan Cuts you are supporting the growth of Vegan businesses. This truly warms my heart.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a deal!?!

My favorite part about their website is that it is completely user friendly.

  • Vegan Cuts has two new deals on the front page of their site each week.
  • The other deals on Vegan Cuts can be found under the “Shop” page at the top of the website. These deals change at different points throughout the month.
  • Consumers also have the ability to click on a specific shop to follow to keep up to date with any new offers or products that are available.

Vegan Cuts has a newsletter that distributes to their subscribers monthly. This is to make sure that everyone is aware of the hot, new deals that are just in.  I was checking out the site for some new products when I found some favorites that I can’t wait to try!

I love spa packages, so of course I can’t wait to relax with Wembe’s Little Spa Experience Set

The company is based in Paraguay, uses indigenous and renewable rainforest ingredients and harvests them in an ethical and renewable manner.

Wembe Spa Set /Vegan Cuts Deal - $16

 Little Spa Experience set includes:

  • 1 x Loofah MASSAGE SOAP BLEND Bar – 3.0 oz
  • 1 x CLEAN FACE MAKE UP REMOVER Bar – 3.0 oz

CoolCorC has found a way to make cork look simple, stylish and colorful. I really love their Large clutch.

It is hypoallergenic, recyclable, biodegradable, insulating and waterproof.

The inside is colorful, while the outside is so simple and can easily go with any outfit.

Cool CorC Clutch/Vegan Cuts Deal - $49

Christy Robinson, I Heart Kale Necklace

Christy’s current body of work  features jewelry designs that are one- of- a kind and use earth friendly, recycled metals such as aluminum, copper and sterling silver.  (There are many other kinds on Vegan Cuts!)

I Heart Kale Necklace/Vegan Cuts Deal - $13


Indulging in Chocolate really can save lives. Rescue Chocolate  donates 100% of their proceeds to animal rescue groups.

This 6 pack of Chocolate Bars comes in all different flavors: Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Fakin’ Bacon, Foster-iffic Peppermint, Mission Feral Fig,  Pick Me! Pepper and The Fix.

6-pack of Rescue Chocolate/Vegan Cuts Deal - $27

It just so happens one of the deals Vegan Cuts is promoting is, GUNAS! I love the bags they have on sale this week.

Vegan Cuts Deal on Blue Neon Body Cross Purse - $90 instead of $225

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I am a feisty Vegan who has been fashion obsessed and working in retail for the past 15 years. I love everything surrounding a healthy Vegan lifestyle including holistic health, working out, juicing and eco-beauty.

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