Top Fashion Trends of Spring 2012 – Veganized!

Hey All, I know I have been writing about people I love in Houston lately so I thought I would change it up for a minute! 🙂 Hope you are getting pumped for the new fashion trends that are taking over! It seems like there wasn’t even a winter here in Houston. It absolutely feels like spring already!  Texas is the kind of state where you have to wake up every morning and check the weather on the news to figure out what to wear…it changes daily. This can be fun and annoying at the same time, hahaha.  I love spring because you can take your closet and wear winter and summer clothes, get super creative and save some money in the process. I am a bargain shopper at heart, so anytime I can mix & match to save some $…I’m on it! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will always embrace a Jill Milan Hand Bag when I have the opportunity! 🙂 Check out the “Vegan Fashion Video of the Week” on the right side of the page. The video is a sneak peak of their Look Book photo shoot.

Speaking of, I recently was sent one of their clutches and it B-E-A-U-tiful and red! I think a pop of red goes with just about anything. It comes in a couple of other colors as well. It’s small enough to go out on the town with and has just enough room to fit all the “going out” essentials in. This clutch is handmade by Artisans in Italy and is silky smooth to the touch and %100 Vegan friendly. I was really impressed with how well made it was and how gorgeous it was. One of the top trends is 1) Color; whether it be in accessories or clothes, lots of bold colors are in this spring.  This clutch is perfect for a pop of color. Don’t forget that wearing a dress or outfit that is black and then adding a few pieces of color is still always going to look hot!

Jil Milan, Venezia Gondola Clutch

Looking good with my Jill Milan Clutch!

For example, 2) Block Color dresses or outfits are the it thing to wear. You can find most “Color Blocking” in dresses but you can do the same thing with a bright colored shirt and a different bright color for your pants or skirt. Denim is still in just in all different colors this season so be bold a buy some colored denim!

Another item that I was kind of surprised about was that Leather is in. So I thought I would do some research and find a photo of some trendy looking 3) Faux Leather. I’ve heard that the flowing leather items are in but I think a cute faux leather jacket works just fine with the weather changing and everything. I also found a really cute outfit that shows off THREE different trends. The breezy flow of a vintage looking top, with lots of accessories, paired with faux leather shorts made by Pink Mink (they are out of Australia) I really love the whole outfit. I found them for sale at ThreadSense which has a lot of faux leather options.

Faux Leather Shorts by Mink Pink

Anything that is 4) Breezy is in. Like vintage tops in this picture with the faux leather shorts, dresses and even pants. Try and add some Chiffon in your wardrobe. This dress that I found at Lily Boutique is a great example of breezy and is made with Chiffon. 5) Layer your Necklaces and you will make anything that looks simple, a little bit more elegant including this dress from Lily Boutique.

Found at Lily Boutique


Like I mentioned before about 6) Vintage/Retro, find it, borrow it or buy it! I think they sort of go together personally. If you can find a vintage store,  you are sure to find lots of items to reuse re-purpose and mix & match.  There will be plenty of retro items while you are looking. Which includes all those colors and lots of 7) Tribal Prints. You might be surprised but even tribal prints are being used in a lot of trendy little stores and of course on the runway. I think a cute tribal mini skirt with a breezy shirt would do the trick. BTW, these trends are being seen all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast!

Last but not least….makeup! It’s pretty simple actually. Make your 8) Brows and Lips Extra Bold! Try and go with a more natural shape with your brows; just darken them a little and don’t be afraid to wear darker or brighter colors on your lips. Let the outfit do the rest!

PS – Would love to talk shoes but you will have to check it out yourself – shoes are looking all kinds o’crazy … if you find something funky, buy it …cause its prolly in! In fact, go through your mom’s closet and just see what your eyes can find. 🙂





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