Rubber Shoes for Women – Melissa Shoes USA

The world works in mysterious ways!  I came upon a beautiful boutique called Lenny e Cia which  was beckoning me to come inside. I found the entire shop stocked with nothing but Melissa brand plastic/rubber shoes.

Lenny e Cia Boutique

 I’ve been a fan of the brand since discovering the Lady Dragon Vivienne Westwood  heart heels years ago.  I have several pairs and have loved them all!

Lady Dragon/Westwood Skull heels

Melissa shoes are reasonably priced with the sandals and flats generally under $100 and heels between $100-$200, and they are recyclable so you can be proud to call yourself an eco-conscious consumer.  They are always doing collabs with new and exciting designers like Alexandre Herchcovitch, Gaulthier, Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh, etc.

Kate Moss for Melissa...I want those Westwood Plastic Pirate Boots as soon as they come out!

The shop manager Ana was amazing!  The shop has been open for 4 years and I couldn’t believe I never found it before I moved to L.A.!!!!   Lenny e Cia is definitely going to be one of my essential pit-stops on all future trips to Houston.

Desicions are the worst

I had no idea that they made Men’s shoes as well, so was stoked to see them carrying two styles of slip on loafers, one of which the fellow working there was sporting and he looked tres’ chic!

These Melissa x Westwood Skyscraper plastic heels came home with me

I walked out with the perfect pair of black pumps….4 inch heels, Westwood, half-off, bubble-gum scented (all Melissa shoes are!), and they feel like you are walking on a cloud!!!!!!  To put it simply – I. Am. Ob. Sessed.

P.S.  – Those of you in New York can be excited as a Melissa boutique just opened in Soho at 102 Greene St.!

The beautiful Lenny e Cia Boutique with plastic Melissa shoes

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