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Last week I had a coffee date with Mckenzie Santiago, the CEO and lady-genius behind the all organic beauty brand Pretty Monsters. Mckenzie started Pretty Monsters in her Los Angeles kitchen four years ago with the goal of making organic beauty products that were chemical free, earth friendly and packaged either in metal tins or biodegradable eco-packaging. Our meeting turned into a two hour chat about our shared passion for healthy, sustainable and amazing products. We also discussed other movers and shakers in the NYC community who are making waves with their eco-concious approach to life and business. She told me all about the Vegan Shop Up, which is New York City’s only all vegan pop-up market featuring all local vendors, and about her mentor, Dominique Camacho, the owner of Sustainable NYC. I always feel inspired when I talk to other women who are truly making a difference in the eco sustainable community and who are putting their hearts and souls into a good cause, especially when it comes to business. Mckenzie is amazing. She is a beautiful, kick-ass lady CEO who cares about her consumers and her product, and I am so in love with every single candle, lip balm and skin salve that I own from her line. I will eventually try ALL of them because I am that addicted. All of Pretty Monsters products are handmade with love in Brooklyn, New York.

Mckenzie’s line is unisex and the Vegan tattoo balm and Mustachio wax were big hits with my friends. The Pretty Monsters Vegan tattoo balm is completely natural and organic. Made with organic Sesame oil, organic unrefined hempseed oil, candellila wax, organic Shea butter, and vitamin E, it is designed to heal tattoos without lifting the ink or interrupting the natural healing process and comes in a 1oz. seamless recyclable tin.

Keep your ink protected with PM's Vegan Tattoo Balm.

The Pretty Monsters Vegan Mustachio Wax is actually made for the sexy gentleman who needs a handmade wax for grooming his stache, but I’ve been keeping mine tucked in my purse and I use it daily as a hair smoother for my long, wavy locks. It smells incredible. The wax is made with castor oil, candellila wax, jojoba oil, shea butter and essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, blood orange and vitamin E (all organic).

The Vegan passionfruit rose eco tube lip balm is something I will NEVER ever live without. I can’t believe how pungent the smell of passionfruit rose oil is! It is perfume strong and nearly edible! It’s made with all natural, organic ingredients and packaged in a biodegradable eco-tube made from 100% post consumer waste. After using it my lips were soft and supple for hours and now I always keep one in my purse, yoga bag and farmer’s market tote (like I said, a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d). The other scents to try are the vegan Matcha and Lavender balm, Hibiscus&Ginger and Bukowski—–alllllll amazing!

Pretty Monsters scented soy candles are in every room of my apartment right now. The candles are made with 100% Eco soy wax, which is a non-toxic, clean-burning and completely renewable product. Although it’s not fair to pick a favorite because each of the scents that I’ve been burning are so intoxicating, I have to say I wouldn’t mind owning the entire stock of the Brooklyn Bourbon candles. The blend of bourbon, madagascar vanilla, tangerine and honey make this candle so sweet smelling and a perfect addition to any bedroom or a relaxing post-insane-day-in-the-city bath. Oh, and if I can have another FAVE it would be the Yuzu, scented with Japanese citrus and grapefruit. Each of Pretty Monsters candles come in a 6 oz. recyclable seamless travel tin, have a burn time of 30hrs and are only $15.00. Her current line of candle fragrances are Burmese Woods, Citrus&Bergamot, Madagascar, Tobacco Mandarin, Twin Peaks and of course my picks above. They make perfect gifts for the special people in your lives.

Lady-Boss. The beautiful Mckenzie Santiago.

Did I mention that Mckenzie also makes jewelry? Did I forget to add that to her talents while I was gushing about edible lip balms?? Have I told you how many chefs have approached me while I’m out on the town wearing Cleaver earrings with my jet black, faux leather jacket?? Yeaaaah, they are so sexy it’s almost too much! Adorned on sterling silver hooks and handcrafted in NYC, they are a perfect gift for foodies and stealthy assasins!
At the end of each year Pretty Monsters donates a percentage of profits to international non-profit organization, Sea Sheperd. “By safeguarding biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepard works to ensure their survival for future generations.”

Pretty Monsters has stolen my heart and I adore all of Mckenzie’s products. My Mom will be getting candles, lip balms and earrings for Mother’s day and I can’t wait to explain to her the ethos behind the brand. Please support your local businesses and especially ones who do so much for the consumer and the community. How lovely to have had the chance to meet Mckenzie and share her story with VeganFashionBlog.
Stay tuned for more on Mckenzie Santiago as she debuts her new all men’s grooming line, Brooklyn Grooming.

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