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Pigeon Blk.White Vegan Shoes

Pigeon Vegan Shoes: Kickin Custom Up a Notch


Okay now…let’s be honest. Vegan shoes still have a stigma – hippy, basic, wanting in the style department, Payless, etc. Those of us in the know are keen to the fact that this is no longer the norm.  Australian entrepreneur Faran Saberi is just one of the recent purveyors of cool for those of us insistent on animal-friendly duds. Saberi recently launched a Pigeon Shoes Kickstarter campaign to help grow his idea for a stylish, comfortable, cruelty-free shoe line that you can rock in the office, at an Instagram meet, or in a mosh pit.

Pigeon Owner Faran Saberi

Pigeon Owner Faran Saberi giving us men’s Vegan style done right!

With the first round of available styles of Pigeon shoes, they decided to keep it simple.  1 color/3 colorways. Because the custom shoes are designed in Australia and made by hand in Indonesia, they chose to keep the options to a minimum to ensure that every pair they produce exceeds your expectation.  Its takes 4 hours to hand make each pair of perfect pigeons. They operate sans shoe size charts, instead choosing to employ an easy to follow ‘measure your foot’ scenario to guarantee a flawless fit!  Pigeon shoes are 100% Vegan leather that is water, dirt, and stain resistant and more durable than their cruel counterparts.

Pigeon Blk.Orange Vegan


Pigeon Blk.White Vegan Shoes


Pigeon Blk Vegan Shoes



Pigeon Vegan Shoe Styles

With the initial Kickstarter campaign coming to a close in the next few days, Saberi is already planning to launch the next line of Brown Pigeons to round out the stylish vegan wardrobe. With free shipping worldwide and an easy to swallow $150 pricetag for a pair of custom, handmade, dapper oxfords, we will take one of each.

Pigeon Brown shoes

Get your custom vegan shoes today at  Pigeon Shoes Online. And find them on your fave social at InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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