Organic Skincare for Men – Organic Male OM4 at One Green Street

Organic Male OM4 is an ALL men’s organic skincare line!  I am extremely excited to introduce you to this line of skin care products for men because it is Mens Health Month and it is an amazing, sustainable product.

A Four Step Process Just For MEN!

I first heard of this product through Sherry, the owner of One Green Street in Houston TX.  The founder, Michael Bruggeman of Organic Male OM4 came to visit Sherry at her store to share with others how this men skincare product really does work!

Sherry at One Green Street, Houston TX with Founder Michael Bruggeman!

I convinced “the guy” to use these products to see if he could really see a difference and change in how his skin feels.  Well, the verdict is in. He loves the product!  He noticed his skin felt extremely clean and refreshed. Yes, he said refreshed! 🙂

This is the Collection for Normal Skin! The face wash needs a light scrub brush to help with exfoliating that!

OM4 has five different lines to choose from to make sure the product is a perfect fit for each man. If you visit OM4’s website you will see how the company has provided a large amount of information for the consumer.  If you have a question, there is an answer on their website.

4 Products - 4 Easy Steps!

OM4 is designed and formulated exclusively for the unique needs and gender specific issues associated with men’s skin.  Male and female skin differs in several significant ways.

I love how informational the website is!  OM4 has 7 key differences listed on their site.  I didn’t realize that there are so many difference’s in men and women skin.

The first two key differences are:

  • Key Difference 1:     Men’s skin is oiler than women’s skin due to the production of testosterone.  As testosterone levels decrease over time, the difference in oil production between men and women lessens, as men naturally transition to drier/mature skin in the late 40’s and early 50’s.
  • Key Difference 2:     Despite male skin being oilier, men in fact have smaller sebaceous glands than women.  Since absorption occurs primarily through the sebaceous glands, differing rates of permeation must be factored into product formulation and in which medium to precisely suspend each OM4 bionutrient.

Click here to check out more info!

If you are in Houston, check out One Green Street to try the product first hand.

 OM4 does have a list of places all over the U.S. where their product is carried.

PLEASE BE ADVISED VFB READERS:  We always want to make sure we bring you great Vegan friendly products and have found that there is an ingredient in this specific product line that is a preservative that could have possibly been tested on animals in the past.  From what I understand this ingrediant is number one on the ten scale of toxicity levels. Below is a statement from the owner and I would like you all to be informed.

“The product was not intended to be developed as vegan but was intended to be 97% – 100% plant based with over 70% organic ingredients. The only synthetics being in the safest and most effective preservative system which causes the least amount of health risk – non formaldehyde producing, and does not sensitize the skin.” -Mike

It is a challenge sometimes to find products that are in fact 100% Vegan friendly skincare products. I will continue my research!  Please feel free to email with questions or concerns. I decideded to leave the article up because I want you to be aware of this product.

xx Kami

I am a feisty Vegan who has been fashion obsessed and working in retail for the past 15 years. I love everything surrounding a healthy Vegan lifestyle including holistic health, working out, juicing and eco-beauty.

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