Organic Salon Systems – HAIR CARE TO BE LOOKING FOR!

Organic Salon Systems or OSS first started this amazing company in Europe about 15 years ago. Now they have planted themselves in the US for almost 7 years!  What a blessing to have this OSS available to myself and other like minded skin fanatics! 🙂

 If you are looking for Organic hair products PLUS MORE…I have found it.  OSS has all of the benefits of being an Organic, non testing of animals, real deal master machine, LOL!  I was able to try a few of their products. I will ALWAYS be looking for a salon now that carries any or all of their organic items.  Yes, OSS is only found in salons.  Although, from what I understand anyone can contact them directly and they will find a salon close to you that carries their products.



Can you believe it!? A Tree In A Bottle!?   Well, kind of.  OSS carries this shampoo that is made by O’Right.  They have come up with the first Green Tea, heaven on your hair shampoo that grows a tree!  The bottle is biodegradable and great for any type of hair!  Careful though!   The first time I used it I squeezed to0 hard and broke the bottle…hahahaha!   Let us just say it did not stop me from using it anyways.  The shampoo smells so invigorating and left my scalp tingling.  I also noticed that there was a cooling sensation when use it that lasts a few minutes after my shower! FUN!

 I <3 Shampoo Bottles that grow trees!? 😉 



 My suggestion is to take the seeds out from the bottom of the bottle and just plant them.  The tree will grow faster. Plant the bottle next to it so the organic ingredients from the bottle will spread back through the Earth.

Way to go O’Right on the negative carbon footprint!

Aqua Boost Shampoo and Conditioner is a line OSS carries which is part of their Care Systems.  I have been grateful to get my hands on this and was really surprised at how perfect it is for my unmanageable and color treated hair.  The smell is very refreshing and didn’t leave my hair weighted down.  I need me some volume with my thin hair!!

I also think that myself and maybe other’s forget that UV Rays can damage your hair.  Aqua Boost Conditioner is really great for protecting your hair  when you are out getting some last minute summer “rays”!

Aqua Boost Shampoo and Conditioner is rich in natural moisturisers and conditioners, to care for dry hair.


Organic Control Systems has a long line of products that help with everything from flyways, total control over your hair to just a little shine!  When I tried the full control hairspray I was excited it wasn’t in an aerosol CAN and it truly does hold my hair and curls. Again, it smells Dee-lish!!  The Shine Gloss does too.  Make sure you only use a small amount so you don’t add too much shine/gloss to your hair. Otherwise it might get weighed down with fabulous SHINE!


The Gloss and Hair Spray have anti-frizz and leave your hair extraordinarily lightweight and also has natural curl memory!


 I am sure everyone wants to know…what about COLOR!!  It does exist out there and OSS carries OCS, Organic Colour Systems.  The color is found only in salons and is organic and vegan friendly.  I just don’t think you can go wrong!  I haven’t had a chance to use OCS but if you have I would love to hear your thoughts about it!!

Check out their line of Color!!


You can always find a salon close to you that carries some or all of these products.  Send OSS an e-mail or check their website for a number and they are happy to find a place close to you!  

OSS E-mail –

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