NAE Neuseta Boots – Vegan Friendly!

I was contacted by a great new company in Portugal the other day. Coincidentally, my family on my mother’s side happens to be Portuguese, and I still have relatives living in the Azores, so I was pretty excited to learn about the products from this company. Many people may not know it, but Portugal is actually a pretty eco-conscious country, and is actively working on alternative energy sources.

Anyway, back to fashion . . .  These Neuseta Boots from NAE (No Animal Exploitation) are so awesome and so in fashion right now. As I posted last week, the 70’s are back, and that means cool Boheme style. These boots would be perfect paired with a long, flowing skirt.

They are so Carly Simon.

I love this look. It makes me want to break out the peace sign necklaces and go to a free concert in the park.

coded by nessus

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