My New Passion

Okay, so I know that this bicycle does not have a lot to do with fashion, though it is fabulously pink, but I just wanted to make sure my husband was well aware of what I wanted more than anything for Christmas.

I have a new, or should I say resurrected passion lately. I am training to do some bicycle tours. I have always wanted to ride my bike up and down the California Coast. My current bicycle is very old, but works for around town. But I am dreaming of a new bicycle.

I found this awesome Motobecane bicycle on I cannot believe the deals. A friend of mine told me about the site. You can purchase bikes for 50% off the original price or more. This bicycle is $795.00 on versus $1795.00 when you go directly to the Motobecane site. Same bicycle, same everything, except the price.

Santa Claus, I have been good I promise.

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