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Vegan Fashion Make Amend

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Make Amend is a new fashion label by emerging designer Cassandra Pons out of Australia that captures the charm of yesteryear with a fun modern edge. She creates handmade fashion and accessories from recycled materials. All items are one of a kind and unique for you.

Make Amend is an ethical fashion label as all garments and accessories are hand-crafted by this young designer. Recycled materials are always used, breathing new life into vintage fabrics and garments. “This is my way of making a difference in the world, minimising waste and opening people’s eyes to  fashion with a conscience” says Miss Pons. 

Vegan Fashion Make Amend

Make Amend began as a hobby for Cassandra, who has been artsy and creative for as long as she can remember. It was in high school though that her fashion skills began to shine. She was passionate about her studies of Sewing and Art, and also about wanting to express herself through fashion. There are limited boutiques in Townsville, (Australia) and Cassandra felt frustrated at the lack of unique options available in stores. She began redesigning clothes for her own wardrobe, but it wasn’t until other people started requesting her designs that she thought about taking fashion seriously as a career.

Vegan Fashion Make Amend Cassandra Pons

Cassandra worked hard to establish her label, and has now taken the plunge making it a full-time business at age 18. Make Amend is stocked at a local artist/designer hub Artisans on Flinders where Cassandra works from her studio and sells her designs. She has been in contact with stockists for her label, and also sells online. She plans to use her label to educate people about making informed decisions about fashion and the industry’s effects on the environment. 

If local, visit the Make Amend store/studio at 345 Flinders St, Townsville or give us a bell on 0413596680.

If you want to take a closer look and order from Make Amend you can check out some of her fashion statements on her Insta and Facebook!!

xx, Kami

Vegan Fashion Make Amend

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Twitter: @make_amend

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