Madden Girl Sheldun Boots

We had the most awesome hike on Friday. The weather was perfect and we could see down the coast for miles. Here are some awesome pictures my dh took from the day.

There was a controlled burn that day and we say some amazing views of the smoke. It was wild to watch. It looked so alive. Luckily the burn is over now and everything was safe.

This is an amazing view from the peak of the mountain. We were able to see several towns away.

My dh wanted to be able to prove that we actually climbed over 1300 feet.

This is a picture from our decent back down the mountain. We are so lucky. We had such a beautiful backdrop for our hike. Now fashion can compare to the beauty of nature.

We had such a great time, we are hoping to go again next weekend.

Okay, so back to fashion, I found another great pair of boots by Madden Girl. These Madden Girl Sheldun boots may not be quite as warm as some of the other boots featured this week, but for those who don’t live in the snow, they certainly look as if they would keep your feet plenty warm. These would be so cute with a pair jeans and an oversized belted sweater, a la 80’s, which I hear is making a bit of a comeback.

For all of my friends living in cold climates, I hope this weeks posts have been helpful to you. If anyone out there has found a pair of boots that are fashionable and warm let me know, because I would love to share them.

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