Lifestride Yesterday Vegan Ankleboots

I think Lifestride becomes more and more fashionable every year. These Lifestride Yesterday boots are so cute. They scream winter. They can in black or grey as shown. I love the side detailing and these boots get awesome reviews for their comfort, which means you can walk in them all day. Hmmm, maybe a last minute add for my Christmas list.

Vegan Barbecued Meatballs ~ The Perfect Appetizer

1 package vegan meatballs (Trader Joe’s makes an excellent one)

1 jar or container of natural barbecue sauce (once again Trader Joe’s makes an excellent one)

Put the meatballs and the barbecue sauce into a crockpot and heat on high for about 1 hour. You can let sit as long as you need on warm. Get some toothpicks and let your guests serve themselves some awesome barbecue flavored goodness. This is a recipe I got from my cousin. We went my aunt’s house for Christmas a couple of years ago and my cousin was sweet enough to make some vegan appetizers for me. My husband and I chowed down on these awesome little treats. This is a must make for either Christmas or New Year’s.

coded by nessus

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