Leyla Lacheri Joins VeganFashionBlog.com – New York City

Hello fashion mavens and kind diet lovers, I’m truly excited to be joining VeganFashionBlog.com as your New York City based working girl who is always looking for a way to integrate a healthy lifestyle, fashion coolhunting and being an artist in a bustling metropolis.
I moved to New York 5 years ago and have been madly in love with the city ever since. I am a photographer who has an insatiable appetite for gritty, beautiful film work and fashion.
Its been almost a year since I have been transitioning from being a Vegetarian to a Vegan and I’m so inspired by all of the people who are creating ethical fashion brands, amazing products and delectable vegan cuisine. I will scour Manhattan and Brooklyn for all things Vegan including beauty products/cosmetics, restaurants, skin care (something I am so passionate about!) and of course fashion.

Styling by Soft Action

I believe cultivating your own unique style can speak volumes about who you are and I understand the need to do it cruelty-free. Im going to eat my fruits and veggies, buy local, be gentle to the earth, find the best vegan fashion out there and do my best to bring our readers along for the ride.

Soft Action Knitwear

XOXO, Leyla
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