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Beige Blue Tote

I recently realized just how much I have needing a purse/laptop carrier. I think many women carry a purse and also a laptop tote. The less I can manage to grab running out the door, the better! I did a little searching and found a little shop called Lolos.  She sales her items on and has tons of great totes, clutches and purses. The item that really caught my eye was a women’s laptop tote.  This laptop tote is 100% cotton, Beige, Blue, with flowers and is super cute. I can use it to carry my laptop and add a few items if I don’t want to carry my purse. The detail is amazing on this tote and it is padded just for your laptop.

Lolo's Blue and Beige Laptop/Purse Tote

She also has included a few pockets for pens or laptop stuff.

Lolo Sinclair is the creator of these cute and functional totes and is from Chili, living in NY.  She makes all of her items in her studio (smoke free) and she is currently making little clutches for bridesmaids.

Green Turquoise Bridal Clutch

What a cute idea and she will custom make them more you. Most of all, everything she makes is really affordable and fashionable!

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