Just the Goods….is just AMAZING!

I have had the great pleasure of being introduced to a line of Vegan Skin Care products called, “Just the Goods!”  I think that is a well picked name since Milena’s items are JUST that!  All of the ingredients are super simple, pure, natural and I can actually understand the ingredient list on ALL of the products!! Even the packaging is elegant yet simple. No fluff with these containers!  This small Vegan friendly company is located in Canada and tucked away but is not far from anyone that is willing to try something new.  

Cleansing Toner – Super Refreshing!

I received a great care package from them with all kinds of skin care goodies! I even got to try Vegan TOOTHPASTE!!

My Care Package from Just the Goods!!

 Just the Goods makes perfumes out of Essential Oils that you roll on your skin and the scents don’t fade away! I love the  neroli + ylang ylang!  I am happy to say that this is a perfume that I am not afraid to put on my skin.  If I am wearing one of her lavender scented oils I can take a quick sniff of my wrist if I am stressing and relax in moments.  Not everyone can say they can do that with their perfume in their bathroom right now….well now you know where my perfume stays!! 🙂

Try a Perfume Set made from Essential Oils!!

So many people are allergic to so many things out there these days and Milena has done a great job of making some items that don’t contain NUTS!  How perfect is that for people that have nut allergies! Check out her Fizzing Bath Melts. They come in a 6 pack and there are a ton of scents to choose from!!

Bath Melts – NUT FREE!!

Just the Goods has many different types of Skin Care for your face, exfoliating scrubs, washes, moisturizer’s and toners.  If you are not sure which one will work right off the bat for you then feel free to try a small sample bottle before you “Go for the Gusto!”  BTW…Milena makes sure that all of the items do NOT contain artificial preservatives. If there is one in there then it is natural!

Try a Travel Kit or Sample them to find which ones work best for you!!


My favorite of all of the items Melina sent me is the Lavender Deodorant. It is a roll on which I am not use to but I instantly fell in love with being able to smell my….ARMS and relax on contact!! 🙂 Oh, and yes, it really does work!

Vegan Lavender Deodorant – My Fav!

 Just the Goods also has a great line of products that are BABY and/or child friendly!  If you or someone you know has children then it is a must that they learn about Melina’s baby products!  Her baby kit is one of the fav’s!

Child Friendly Kit!!

 Her items are super affordable , handmade and delicious for your skin!  If you are looking for a new skin care regimen and some extras to try… then Just the Goods is a great place to start.

Try a Butter Balm or Foot Cream!! Great Stocking Stuffer too!!!

 You can also e-mail Just the Goods for any tips and advice for choosing the right regimen for your skin.  Since Christmas is right around the corner she has great little gifts you can get through her online store.

They just Melt on your Lips – Love them ALL!!

They will make perfect Stocking Stuffers for just about anyone…including Shaving Cream for men and women!

Men DO have a spot!!  Just the Goods is Gender Neutral!

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