I Know Jane: Fighting Sweatshops with Fashion, Empowering Women, and Doing it the Vegan Way!

By Kami Kreaps

I Know Jane is launching on Kickstarter and has 20 days and counting to raise $35,000 to launch their new line of flats.

As a new brand for women,  they are hitting hard with three goals:

1) using sophisticated, eco-friendly styles from top designers.

2) challenging the status quo of sweatshop production in the industry.

3) launching with a new line of vegan-friendly flats that compress flat for women on the go.

True to its name, I Know Jane seeks to raise awareness about women and does not use exploitative labor to assemble their shoes. The shoes are made in a small, woman-owned, unionized factory in Brazil. I Know Jane is showing that a different path is possible.

Sweatshops are endemic to the footwear and apparel industry. Approximately 70% to 90% of sweatshop workers are young women between the ages of 15 to 25.  These women often lack a voice to stop abuse. Workers who fight back often face dangerous repercussions—even torture and death.

I Know Jane’s first product is a sophisticated shoe that lets you ease through moments of frustrating heels, heavily packed purses, and rushed commutes.  The comfortable women’s flat that compresses flats to be portable.

These flats are vegan friendly and have many eco-friendly features including:

• an upper made out of 70% recycled cotton, and 30% PET, made out of recycled plastic bottles,

• biodegradable outsoles

• eco-friendly and water based glues used in assembly.

I Know Jane is taking pre-orders on their new flats for spring 2013 delivery.” Kickstart” their brand and positively connect our global community.  Jared and Simon from I Know Jane said “…whether it’s $10 or $90, any bit helps!”  If you are interested in contributing to I Know Jane’s cause you can find them here on KickStarter!

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