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Green Vegetarian Restaurant Houston Texas

Green Vegetarian Cuisine

6720 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081

(832) 649-4184

Green vegetarian quinoa burrito

Quinoa Burrito and Kale Pineapple Lemonade

Location:                       Bellaire
Prices:                           $11-$30
American Food Restaurant

When its Open:            11-9 Mon-Thurs, 11-8 Fri, Closed Saturday, 9-9 Sun
How Vegan is it:           Vegetarian Restaurant – Vegan Friendly – Kosher
Ordering & Seating:    Waiter, Sit down and chill at a table or booth, outdoor seating

  • Sunday Brunch
  • Vegan Guests from out of town
  • Lunch

Owner: The owner/ chef can be found in the restaurant. They have moved much of the staff from their original San Antonio location to Houston to expand in the Houston market. And are we thankful? Heck yeah!!!!

Review: Green Vegetarian Cuisine is at the top of it’s class with kosher vegetarian options that are easily converted to vegan-friendly. There are also raw vegan options, however, raw vegan’s are not the direct target of the restaurant. I absolutely loved their sauces and would buy them bottled if it were possible. Amazing vegan burgers, chicken fried chicken, eggplant parmesan, and all kinds of vegan goodies. Known for their ice tea and Pinepple Kale Lemonade!!!! What a brunch!!! Breakfast tacos. Regular or sweat potato pancakes with add-ons such as blueberries and chocolate chips. Vegan desserts including cupcakes and brownies blew our minds.

My Favourite Entrée: Raw Wrap with cashew cheese
My Favourite Drink: Pineapple Kale Lemonade

Things you should know:

  • Kosher
  • Everything is vegetarian but can be made vegan
  • Closed on Saturdays
  • 2 restaurants in San Antonio and a fast food vegan burger joint on the way!


Green Vegetarian tacos

Avocado Tacos on Special


Green vegetarian sauces

Vegan Poblano Ranch, Salsa, and Chipotle Mayo will have you coming back just for the sauces!


Green vegetarian Houston Texas desserts

Vegan desserts that make your eyes bulge, mouth water, and belly happy!


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