First Annual Eco-Licious Event – Houston, TX has been on the scene since February of this year with new designs, owners and fresh new articles for our readers!  So we decided it was about time to do our first event!  Eco-Licious personally invited to be a vendor at their 1st Annual Green event!

 I was extremely excited for VFB to be personally invited to share what and who is with the community.  So many people heard our message about what Vegan Fashion is.  I was extra grateful and pumped that some of our favorite Vegan Friendly friends wanted to partake in this event!  I was blown away by how compassionate the people Leyla and I have been working with really are.  I mean I never doubted them but it was all put together so fast!  I was thrilled they wanted to showcase their products and so graciously gave items for the raffle .  The proceeds from the raffle benefited Green Arts Fest and We CAN Recycle!  With help from all of our friends we were able to have several Vegan friendly items in the raffle!  I want to give a shout out to those who helped VFB make the event EXTRA fabulous!

Galo Shoes out of NYC has a ton of Vegan Friendly Options!

For the raffle, Galo Shoes (recently came up with a large selection of Vegan friendly shoes and accessories) gave a Gift Certificate for $250!!  WOW!  Enough said!  The raffling went on for about four hours and a ton of people received all kinds of fun things!  I made “the guy” go buy me a few raffle tickets and I won Peppermint Bath Salts that were so exhilarating!  It is always fun to win something right?! I also met amazing vendors and people that seemed to think VFB is super fun and had something different to offer at the event. Character and Pizzazz!!

  Namaste Inc. (lining of their bags are made with recycled plastic bottles) and Bungalow360 provided a few trendy bags for the raffle.

Namaste BoardWalk Bag in Black

VogueVert was super gracious to have a handmade, recycled ring by A Peace Treaty retailing at approx. $130 enter into raffle!   Om Veda Naturals provided a Gift Bag with several yummy smelling items (non-toxic bath & home products) and Compassion Couture gave a $25 Gift Certificate!  

By: A Peace Treaty From:


Check out Om Veda Naturals for Non-Toxic products!

 Last but not least, Exhilaration and Design Specimen raffled a couple of super cute handmade Necklaces!  I think that Eco-Licious was extremely excited about the items we had for the raffle and with the help of all of those who provided items, VFB was able to REALLY show up for this event! 😉  

Design Specimen has great recycled, handmade jewelry!!

I cannot thank all of the wonderful, gracious, compassionate people and companies that really came through and sent items in for the raffle.  It was beyond all my expectations!  I hope we get to do it again soon!

VFB also came provided Goodie Bags to give away. Everyone seemed to think that was AMAZING! I mean, who does that…put together Goodie Bags that have really chic items in them for FREE!!??  CoolCorc was the center of those Goodie bags with super cute Cork Headbands!  There were a ton of discount coupons from Compassion Couture,  GUNAS Luxury Handbags and Bungalow360 provided postcards with Kale seeds attached!!  

Super cute Tote from Bungalow360 and even cuter baby deer!! <3

PRArt also had postcards and stickers that arrived in a Falafel Box which I thought was such a creative way to upcycle a box!  I am absolutely using that trick from now on! PS – I love Falafel!  Those Goodie Bags were the center of attention and I can’t thank everyone enough!  I might be too excited about how the Vegan, Green, Recycled and Upcycled Community is so giving and compassionate! 🙂

GUNAS Sweetheart Bag – 30% off!!

PLUS… VFB had so many items for sale at a discounted price courtesy of GUNAS, Metamorphic Gear and Om Veda Naturals. All the bags they sent for the event were 30% off!  

All of Metamorphic Gear Bags are made from Upcycled Sails of Sail Boats!!

Don’t forget to check out and on Oct. 21st at the 3rd Annual Texas State Veggie Fair in Dallas, TX!

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I am a feisty Vegan who has been fashion obsessed and working in retail for the past 15 years. I love everything surrounding a healthy Vegan lifestyle including holistic health, working out, juicing and eco-beauty.

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