Going Hiking

I am so excited. I have the day off and I am dragging my family out for a day hike. I’m not sure if the family is excited as I am, but they will have fun. We are going on a beautiful 5.5 mile hike up a mountain that overlooks the Central California coastline. My husband actually wants to start training for a multi-day hiking trip. I am all down for that. I will need to get some hiking gear and I was excited for find some vegan hiking boots. These  Garmont Kiowa vegan hiking boots are certainly on my shopping list of things to get. Anybody out there own a pair, because I would love to know how they fit.

To start my morning off right and make sure I have plenty of energy for the hike I had an Amy’s Tofu Scramble breakfast. Not quite as good as the Tofu Scramble I make (I will definitely post the recipe soon), but a suitable substitute. Being able to just pop the breakfast into the oven allowed me time to be able to get everything else ready for the hike.

I also had a vegan chocolate protein shake for a little extra nutrition. Have any of you ever tried out the Biochem 100% vegan protein shake. It is delicious. Just mix with rice milk and you have a nutritious snack. Love them.

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick check in before I head out. Hope everyone has an awesome day. I know I will.

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