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Galo Shoes in New York City has been around since 1967! Recently Galo Shoes has created a section on their website just for Vegan friendly Shoes and Accessories.   Galo began their collection of sustainable materials in 1988 to cater to the weather proof market. They are dedicated to making a great shoe and pride themselves on wonderful customer service.

Mr. and Mrs. Galo 1967

 To ensure they keep their  reputable reputation they always have their shoes handmade in Italy!  I believe Italy is known for their handmade, luxurious leather products but yes, you can get Vegan friendly shoes in Italy.  Not everything is made of leather. 🙂

Crafting Shoes in Lambordy Italy

Galo Shoes has a large collection of vegan friendly shoes.  Most of their shoes in general have a very classic look to them.  If you are a professional working woman it will be easy to find an amazing pair of heels or flats at Galo.

Signature Galo captoe rain pump in weatherproof vinylized cotton.. Smooth body with patent captoe. Breathable synthetic lining. Slip resistant rubber sole. Stack heel.


Don’t limit yourself to thinking that is what Galo is all about though.  You can take any classic pair of shoes that Galo has and pair them with a trendy outfit. One of my favorites are the  Galo Faux Lizard Toe Flats.

Picture of the Galo flats without faux Lizard…Check out my video for the faux lizard!


 The flats have a little lift on the bottom of the shoe which gives you more comfort wearing the shoe.  The Black Lizard Toe Flats also come in a gold color.  I love the black pair so I can add Italian flavor to any outfit.  Some people have asked me where they can get a really comfortable flat, this is the pair!

All items can be found at Old Navy, Bannana Republic and/or Piperlime

Above is a casual outfit I put together that will make Galo Faux Lizard Toe Flats stand out anywhere.  If you feel you want to dress up the outfit try adding a blazer like the black and white one.

Another favorite of mine are the weatherproof vinylized cotton tall boot…

Galo Vinilylized Weatherproof Boots

You can visit Galo Shoes at either of their locations in NYC off of Lexington or Madison Avenues. You can also purchase them online at  Don’t worry, if the size is not perfect just send them back and another pair is on the way!

Photo of Galo Shoes in NYC!



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