Flo and Theo – 100% Vegan Skin Care

Flo and theo vegan skincare

By Kim Vilyus

Uber-creative Nigerian sisters, Mayowa and Ebony, behind the 100% Vegan Skin Care line FLO+THEO  have quite the interesting story. They were raised in England and Ireland before making a home for themselves in colorful Queens, NYC.  They combined their backgrounds and passions in software engineering/e-commerce and law/entrepreneurship respectively to pursue their passion for pure artisanal skin care products and share that love with the world through FLO+THEO. 

Flo and Theo co-founders Mayowa and Ebony

FLO+THEO co-founders Mayowa and Ebony


 Their line of handmade and crafted soaps, body butters, body polishes, and lip balms are made of all natural products that have been chosen specifically to promote healthy skin.  Their list of ingredients is short and sweet – not a synthetic 18+letter item in site!

Flo and theo vegan lip balms

FLO+THEO Vegan Lip Balms


Their non-toxic products are free of parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, etc.    They do however include wonderfully beneficial for the body natural ingredients such as aloe vera, candellila  wax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, essential oils, kaolin clay, hibiscus powder, lavender, lemongrass, shea butter, pure cane sugar, and rosehip powder.

Flo and Theo Vegan Wild Mint

FLO+THEO Stimulating Wild Mint


I tried the Lavender Flower Body Butter, a cross between a lotion and body oil, after a long bath and I was immediately hooked.  The smooth dense texture required very little for me to get the coverage I needed so I know that the jar is going to last me a while.  When I use this on my legs, it leaves them hydrated and glowing. The smell of Lavender is subtle (like using an essential oil), but lasts and can be used as your fragrance for the day.  The oil in the butter is present but keeps on giving throughout the day without leaving an oily residue!

Flo and Theo Vegan Lavender flower

FLO+THEO Delicate Lavender Flower


The soaps come in scents such as Woodlands, Lavender, Orange Harvest, Sweet Geranium, Lemon Orchard, Wild Mint, and seasonal varieties.  They leave you feeling clean, smelling fresh, and knowing that you have just done something nourishing for your skin.  Be advised that you’ll want to linger in the shower longer that usual (don’t allow yourself to run up that water bill).

Flo and Theo Vegan Orange Harvest

FLO+THEO Refreshing Orange Harvest


You can find the stunners Mayowa and Ebony at the local street fairs around NYC or at their online store at FLO+THEO.

Also, check our their Blog for healthy recipes and diy tips and tricks with natural ingredients!!


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