Eco/Vegan Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2012

So, for all of the New Yorkers out there, Fashion Week HATH COMETH!!! This is a really exciting week for fashion mavens from all over the world to descend upon our city and wreak havoc in the coolest bars, restaurants, warehouses, LINCOLN CENTER, music venues, boutiques and any other space that can possibly fit humans and be transformed into a catwalk or pop up studio. Also, any New Yorker who is  fashion-centric will have zero time on their hands and be riddled with enough eye candy and late nights to rival a week in Ibiza. Party hard one week and drink (intermittently) as much green juice as possible (to stay ALIVE) with a week followed by horrendously bluish under eye circles and brand new versions of the flu. With that being said the eco/vegan community is kicking off the week with some super rad parties that are not to be missed. Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out so it’s a big party night for shops to stay open late, serve cocktails, have celebrity guest EVERYTHING and stimulate the economy with some good ol’ fashioned wallet emptying. This evening, MooShoes and EcoSalon are throwing the best shindigs in town…we’ll just ignore the other zillion fashion parties tonight OR stumble to them after for some champagne soaked convo about why fur sucks OR “OOOh lala, who knew your fashion line was so damn Eco-Uhmazing!”

Info for the ALL VEGAN Fashion’s Night Out a la Moo Shoes HERE. 

Info for the EcoSalon party at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan HERE

I wish everyone a safe and indulgent FNO 2012 and a ridiculously wild Fashion Week ahead!! 

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