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This last week I met with Sherry, owner of One Green Street in Houston, TX. Little did I know I would have my work cut out for me! This Eco-friendly and sustainable store won my heart over immediately. It did not take me long to start scanning the store before I realized I was going to have to check out…everything! I found so many exciting products I want to share with you. Unfortunately, I cannot share them all with you in this one article. There will be many more to come, because I not only love the products but believe in Sherry’s cause.

When I heard that One Green Street was the only 100% Eco-friendly and sustainable store in the Houston area; there was no walking; only running into this beautiful, chic boutique. I admire Sherry for all she has accomplished; from the beauty and sustainability of the store to the organizations and charities the store supports.

Rings & Necklaces designed to be magnetic, so to change your style daily!

 I was not sure at first what these rings were all about. Yuliana, One Green Street’s brilliant Manager, so graciously showed me how the rings and necklaces could be changed with the recycled ceramic and metal covers.   Leigh Navarro, designer and owner of Leighelena, came up with these adorable rings and necklaces.   There are so many options in the store to mix & match what style fits you best. The interchangeable rings are one of my new favorite accessories! 

Elvis and Kresse – Box Bag, made from used British Fire hoses!

One Green Street also carries Elvis and Kresse items, one of them being this durable Box Bag. All bags are unique because they each come from different hoses, giving each piece a one of a kind look. Their products are made from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses. The idea that these hoses once saved lives and were made in this way instead of being destined for a landfill is beautiful.

Elvis and Kresse give 50% of the purchase price of all of their products to the British Fire Fighters Charity!

Below are a few items for men that One Green Street carries.

Elvis and Kresse wallets for men and women. Check out these cuff links for men!

Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to say “Thanks Mom for doing my laundry all those years!”

Soapnuts are natural dried fruit with natural cleaning properties. The fruit comes from a tree called Sapindus Mukorossi, primarily found in the Himalayas. You use them to clean your laundry.

You can find these at One Green Street and also on their website!

Laundry Tree Soup Nuts – Organic and Eco-friendly way to wash your clothes

Jewelry Designer, Franco, of Hecho en Brooklyn, has found a way into One Green Street’s large jewelry box!

Franco makes all of his jewelry from recycled metals. Some jewelers use toxic products to make their jewelry. Instead of toxic products he uses things you can find in your kitchen like baking soda, vinegar, salt and hot water.

The design behind the knife necklace comes from Franco living under a knife shop in Brooklyn


Sherry breathes great energy into this store and has a personal touch in selecting each item that she introduces to her customers.  She has seriously put her heart and soul into the belief that One Green Street can change the Earth and a person’s way of life by becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable! One of Sherry’s largest gifts is that she continues to educate herself, and in-turn educates us on how to live a more Earth friendly lifestyle.

I really enjoyed my first visit to One Green Street. I hope you will continue to look for my articles about the products the store carries and I hope this article and the ones to come will encourage you to learn more about Eco-friendly and sustainable living.

Don’t forget to check out One Green Street’s Facebook Page, become a fan!

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