So, today I decided that brunching and online shopping was a good idea. No?! Pourquoi?? I mean, first of all, I am a firm believer that mimosas and making good decisions go hand in hand. Ok, maybe they don’t, but these SUMMER SALES are INCROYABLE and you will not feel guilty about buying items that are over $100 off of their original prices, are uber sexy, are upcycled or VEGAN and will make you feel like a fashion maven. Each item I’ve chosen below will transition seamlessly into your Fall wardrobe with the addition of your colder weather layers. Your wallets and your earth will THANK YOU, I promise .

The Reformation is an environmentally sustainable fashion brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create a chic, limited edition collection. Our collection is made locally in our own New York and Los Angeles studios, and sold directly to our own stores at fair prices.” The Reformation is an all time favorite of mine. Also, they carry Sprout Skincare and Pamela Love jewels–>enough said. I covet their entire collection. My current favorite is the Azalea dress and this sale is a perfect excuse for me (and YOU) to purchase one. 

Jean Dress. Sale: $50

Mac Skirt. Sale: $150

Azalea Dress. Sale: $125

One of a Kind Lion Dress. Sale: $150

Compassion Couture is a 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly boutique and the owners, sisters Jill and Tracey Spiritus, are some of the coolest lady CEOs I’ve met in NYC. We got to hang out at the SEED Vegan Experience in Soho back in June and their curated collection of some of the hottest Vegan brands out there is exceptional. They have slashed their prices for this end of Summer online mega-sale and their accessories make a gorgeous match with The Reformation looks. More about Compassion Couture HERE 🙂

Olsen Haus “Angel” Pump: $129

Kailia “Paradise” Heels. Sale: $99

Beyond Skin “Sweetie” Heels. Sale: $110

Gunas Neon Hostess Purse. Sale: $140

So, I promise to lay off the Saturday brunch mimosas next time I’m posting—>not really<–! Enjoy the online eco-shopping experience ladies. I hope you score some incredible fashion finds and that you feel good about being so damn ECO-CHIC!

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