Cri de Coeur x Arden Wohl: Vegan Shoe Collab

Vegan Shoes Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

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           Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow are the wildly popular and insanely talented designers behind the eco-luxe, vegan shoes and accessories brand, Cri de Coeur. Gina and Julie came together out of a passion for sustainable, cruelty-free style and a strong love of the arts. Both designers studied at Parsons New School of Design, and sought out a vegan alternative to fashion, inspired by the music and art world in NYC. Established in 2008, Cri de Coeur, was named after the French expression that literally translates to “cry from the heart.” The name symbolizes their desire to create contemporary and stylish pieces that are ethical from start to finish. Cri de Coeur is well known in the eco-design world as one of the most stylish, high-end vegan brands out there.

Their shoes are made from some of the highest quality, vegan materials that cause the lowest impact to our environment, including organic cotton, hemp and reclaimed wood; Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics and eco-PU that is low VOC, breathable and biodegradable. Their recent SS14 collection is a super chic collaboration with fashion “It Girl,” Arden Wohl, that was inspired by the work of  20th century symbolist artist Gustav Klimt. Arden Wohl is a multi-faceted creative powerhouse, who is known in the fashion world for her unique sense of style and her collaborations with some of the best designers out there. She is a well known philanthropist, filmmaker, style icon and muse, whose love for art and animals has made this recent collaboration an absolute hit. Wohl, who has been a long time vegetarian, met Julie and Gina at a Humane Society event, and their collaboration, resulted in the very first vegan shoe collection in the history of New York Fashion Week.

Cri de Coeur’s eclectic “CDC x Adren Wohl” collection is glittered with fun floral prints, lucite heels, and sleek NYC-approved black for the effortless cool factor. They are perfectly suited for a day roaming the city streets or a night on the town. We are wild about this collab and it’s no wonder that CDC has a large following of celebrities who are in love with ethical, high-end eco-fashion.

Shop the collection now at Cri De Coeur.

Vegan Shoes Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

Spartali Bootie in Black. $350.00


Vegan Heels Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

Marceline Sandal in Black. $350.00


Faux Leather Heels Arden Wohl Cri de Couer

Spartali Bootie in Green Floral. $350.00


Vegan Heels Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

Clio Sandal in Black. $350.00


Vegan Loafers Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

Varo Flat in Black. $290.00


Faux leather shoes Arden Wohl Cri de Coeur

Varo Flat in White. $290.00

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