Conscious Luxury – is an amazing company with a great online shop for those that are seeking vegan fashion, eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable products.  When I was first approached by VogueVert I made sure to keep an open mind because I was informed that some of their products were made with leather. So, with that being said, I set out to find my favorite Vegan friendly items they had to offer.

Sheila Odyssey “News Envelope Clutch” $130


Recently the owner and creator of , Kathy Hamm, discussed the behind the scenes magic with me.

Jess Rizzuti “Ella” Envelope $268

I decided to interview Kathy about everything from how and when VogueVert was created to how they help conscious, animal loving fashion students obtain scholarships.

Kayu “Shireen Clutch” in Black $415

Q&A with Kami, and Kathy Hamm,

Q.  How long has been on the scene!?

A. “ was launched online in late November 2011.”

Jewelry by Alkemie

Q.  VogueVert is an interesting name. Where did you come up with the idea for this?

A.  “We were searching for a name that expressed that we are a Green fashion site.  The words Vert and Vogue     expressed this perfectly.  For VogueVert, Green means vegan, sustainable and/or eco-friendly.  Many of our designs are made of recycled or upcycled materials.”

Gunas “Melrose Clutch” in Black $120

 Q.   What happened in your life to make you want to sell products that are considered “Conscious Luxury?”

 A.  “Consciousness happened.”
     “First, I became a pet owner for the first time about 12 years ago.  My connection to them surprised me.  I don’t know how you can    be around animals and not see that they have a soul, a spirit.  Each animal is so individual.  They are proud, they feel pain, and they express love. Second, about 3 years ago I visited Bhutan.  Sharing the road with animals, children, and monks through the unspoiled countryside was life-changing.  I realized that we are all of one energy…the   children, the waterfalls, the cows, the dogs, the mountains, the monks…and me.”

Q.  I love that every time someone purchases a product from 10% goes towards your  VogueVert Charitable Foundation that you created.  So, how do you find students and women that have the same beliefs as you for the Charitable foundation?

A.  “The foundation was started in November 2011.  So far, we are building the fund.  We are also aligning the company with international organizations with similar missions to VogueVert.  Through them, we expect to set up a process for awarding scholarships and donations to like-minded organizations.”

Q.   I know that you do sell a few products made with leather. Why not sell items that contain no leather at all?

A.  “Fashion is a creative means to self-expression.  VogueVert’s mission is to show women that making conscious fashion choices can be fun and fulfilling and right, without giving up on luxury.  We want to make the choice easy and convenient, too. Until everyone is on board, until there are no more animal factory farms, until we’ve all become vegan, I think it’s a sin to throw the existing leather into a landfill.  I think we should honor the animals that were killed for their skins by using every remnant for as long as possible.   That is MY feeling, but I also respect taking a harder line. VogueVert is set up so that its customers can sort the merchandise by whether it is sustainable, recycled, or Vegan.  Some of the designs meet all three qualifications.  We hope to find more and more designers making beautiful products that meet all three qualifications. My experience is that once someone realizes that they can make a conscious choice in one area, it leads to thinking about the choices in other areas.”    – Kathy Hamm,

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I am a feisty Vegan who has been fashion obsessed and working in retail for the past 15 years. I love everything surrounding a healthy Vegan lifestyle including holistic health, working out, juicing and eco-beauty.

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