BBQ “Beef” Sandwiches

My father-in-law and my father are total meat eaters, but I have found a product that satisfies even their meat-eating needs  for food. I don’t know if you have ever tried Fakin’ Bacon, but it is truly a wonderful product. The first time I bought I was craving a bacon sandwich. It didn’t necessarily cure my craving for bacon, but it did start a new obsession because it tastes so much like barbecued beef. After trying it the first time, I craved a barbecued sandwich. I bought another package and cooked it in olive oil until it began to crisp some. Then I added barbecue sauce. I toasted some sour dough bread and slathered it with Veganaise and then scooped some of the Fakin’ Bacon in Barbecue sauce onto the toast. OMG, it was absolutely delicious. Even my meat eating father-in-law and father loved these sandwiches. They are very barbecue sandwich-like with a great texture and flavor. I have not made this for dinner in a long time, but tonight I had a total craving for it and my husband and I chowed down. My house still smells like the Fakin’ Bacon, which is not so good, because it makes me want to make another sandwich.

Sorry, I went for a hard run tonight and was starving, so I did not get any pictures to post, but I will plan this better next time, so that I can get pictures before consuming.


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