– “A Twirl can help a Girl!” – 100% Cotton Dress for Girls

Interested in a beautiful %100 Cotton dress for your little girl to play in? Check out TwirliGirli Dresses and her Projects to help other girls in need!

Do you remember when you were a little girl and you LOVED to put on a dress and just twirl!?! I do…playing in a dress and watching it twirl when I would go in circles, now, feels so freeing and then, was so much fun! Every little girl loves to dress up and feel pretty and deserves a pretty dress to twirl in; at least that’s what Cathy Stovall of TwirliGirli thinks!  “Play all day and Sleep all night!” is what Cathy likes to say. She is an avid believer that little girls should play all day in their dress and if they feel like it, (and mom lets them) sleep in them as well.  I really wanted to share Cathy’s story with you and I hope it inspires you to want to bring a smile and some fun to a little girl’s life. I love sharing about new trends in fashion and whats hot and new but I also love sharing stories that inspire myself and others!

P.S. – They are also Vegan friendly!

Cathy with all the dresses that are going to Ghana

Cathy made “TwirliGirli” dresses in the beginning for her children and her nieces to play and sleep in. She never imagined how a few dresses could inspire her to help others and bring happiness to little girls in need. When I spoke to Cathy, I knew from the moment I heard her voice she was a kind person with a gentle soul. She told me for months she had spoken about wanting to make these dresses for little girls that were in need of some “cheering up” but also girls that didn’t even have one dress…

“I shared this dream with some of my friends that I wanted other girls in need of some cheering up to have dresses to twirl and sleep in besides my daughters and nieces and by the end of the conversation there was a stack of checks on the table! My friends were and still are so supportive of what now is, TwirliGirli.”

From there Cathy decided to start “TwirliGirli Projects” so other girls could enjoy what it feels like to be pretty, cared for and loved. TwirliGirli dresses have been made and given away for the first 4 years and just recently in the past year started making them so that any girl could have one! Cathy’s first project was for an Orphanage in Kenya of girls whose parents had died of AIDS. She was able to collect enough donations to make 20 dresses and send them to some of the girls in the orphanage. Since then she has created other projects with poverty stricken girls in Cape Coast Ghana and an orphanage in Tanzania. When little girls would leave an Ethiopian Hospital they would give each girl a TwirliGirli dress. Cathy works locally with Shriners Hospital of Galveston, TX and loves every opportunity she gets to meet the girls and their families the dresses go to. When Hurricane Ike came through the coast and left many people without homes, Cathy became even more inspired to make TwirliGirli dresses. She made dresses for girls that had lost their home due to the Hurricane.

So why are these dresses Vegan friendly? Cathy uses 100% cotton to make the dresses and has been able to hire local seamstresses to help make the dresses.  Cathy likes to add extra touches to each dress. She uses different fabrics for the trim and accent pieces so each girl feels extra pretty.

One of the dresses from TwirliGirli

When you sponsor a gown, the gown will have a gift tag attached with your name or organization.  I hope you share this with your friends and also visit to learn more about the “TwirliGirli Projects” and how you can support this cause. You can also purchase a dress just for the little girl in your life. They come in all sizes and patterns! You can purchase and dress at If you would like to make a donation you can also contact her through the site where you buy dresses. Happy Shopping!

Girls playing in their dresses at the Kenya Orphange

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